Our design team will work with you one on one and can explore each of the cabinetry option with you, to find the one that will suit your needs best.

We don’t believe in “selling” you on a product or convincing you of what you need. We strongly believe in educating you on the products that are in your market and price range and suddenly the decision making is much smoother, because you know your needs and your expectations.

Cabinetry can really be broken down into 3 different categories; pre-manufactured, semi-custom and custom. If not from a cabinet perspective, then definitely by a budget stand point. There are differences between each type of cabinet, some are minor and depending on the application of your cabinetry, there can also be some relatively major differences. You don’t want an apple that looks shiny and delicious on the outside, but when you bite into it you find it’s mostly rotten and a worm was enjoying it long before you got there. This same principle can be true with cabinets as well. “Solid wood doors” can be attached to inferior melamine cabinet boxes, cheap hardware can look like good hardware, and soft close can give the illusion that a premium cabinet line has been installed. In time, however, you will see a difference in your cabinetry as well as the over all longevity of it.

So how do you a good quality product? How do you know the difference between something with a fancy name and true quality?

The brand does matter- not because you need a designer cabinet, but you do need a well made cabinet. Rehab kitchen & bath, has “thumbed” through various manufacturers and suppliers, tested and tried cabinet lines to find not only their weaknesses, but their strengths. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses, we can find which will work best for you and your family, not what would work for everyone else in the neighborhood, but for you. Working side by side with installers and contractors, we have seen and heard the various “standards”of most cabinet manufacturers. As well as what is really important in a cabinet line.

First you will want to determine the function of your space and how long and how often you will be using the space. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, remember your cabinets are the framework of your kitchen and the most permanent structure of your space. Everything else can be more or less, readily replaced then your cabinets. For example, if you decide you want to spruce up the kitchen 10 years from now, you can do so by changing the countertops and backsplash or sometimes even a wall color.

When it comes to your cabinet door design, you will want to select something that your comfortable with, not only in a budgetary manor, but something that appeals to your eye and you know you won’t quickly tire of.

Take a look at the 3 different types of cabinetry below and let us know which one you prefer and we can get you started on a free consultation.

Pre- Manufactured Cabinets – Solid wood construction, quick lead times, available in standard sizes, in stock and budget friendly! can be customized, but creativity is needed! Built with a full overlay and concealed hinges. Click here to see available colors and door styles!

Semi-Custom Cabinets – Woodharbor is our most popular and probably one of our most versatile semi-cabinet line. There can be some limitations, but for the most part you can get the look and feel of a custom cabinet without the price tag. Select from catalogs of doors, colors & styles, with an endless variety of options and accessories to get the function and design for your space. USA made, made to order and a fair price with an excellent value! Available in framed, frameless or inset, with no color or size limitations. Click here for more info on our semi-custom line, is a must see!

Custom Cabinets – Is essentially what it is with any product, it’s what you want and how you want it. No matter the wood species, it will be built to your specifications which means, any door style, any size, any color- you can design every detail of your cabinet for your specific space. Bring in a concept or image and we can bring it to life, in your project! To read more about our custom cabinets, click here.


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