2020 Renderings

Keep your contractor or client on the same page throughout the project! Rehab Kitchen & Bath will take your ideas and place them on paper, using a 3D program so you can see real life presentation of your space, in vivid detail… or if you prefer you can literally walk around your new kitchen in the 360 Panoramic view.

Contact us for pricing and get your dream kitchen on paper, so you can make it a reality!

Click Image to View Sample 2020 Rendering

REHAB kitchen & bath 2020 Rendering

Here’s How REHAB kitchen & bath 2020 Renderings Work

Your 2020 Rendering starts here…

2020 Rendering Step 1

Step 1

Let’s start with a rough sketch…


2020 Rendering Step 2

Step 2

You will get to explore the flow of you kitchen, the spacing and the overall visual impact of your new kitchen or bath.

2020 Rendering Step 3

Step 3

You can zoom in…

2020 Rendering Step 4

Step 4

Or out.

2020 Rendering Step 5

Step 5

You like the spacing to the right of the range…

2020 Rendering Step 6

Step 6

But what would a drawer/door cabinet look like? Let’s see..

2020 Rendering Step 7

Step 7

Adding or removing glass doors is easy!

2020 Rendering Step 8

Step 8

If you don’t like the color, lets change it.

REHAB Kitchen & Bath Sample 2020 Rendering

Step 9

And if that still doesn’t give you the angles you want, grab your phone or tablet and lets go to your kitchen or bath right now, and lets play your new design in panoramic view, so we can literally be standing in your space and see each wall transformed..

REHAB Kitchen & Bath Sample 2020 Rendering

Step 10

Click the image to view a sample 2020 Rendering!


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